Ut Smouske


The system which has been used in our brewery is a herms system. Herms means Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System, in other words, a system in which heat of the hot liqor tank is exchanged treu a heat exchanger  by recirculation. There are other ways to brew beer. This method has been chosen by my.

The complete system is controlled by a Arduino processor which can automatically carry out  all of the steps , or may be manually controlled. All temperatures and times are controld by the system so every good beer can be reproduced..

All pipes of the plant are 316 stainless steel and food safe welded. This is to reduce infection and taste difference in the beer during the brewing process.

The system includes 10 automatic valves that can configure the pipeline at any time to another brewing step.

There are four flowsensors so every volume can be measure which are necessary in the relevant prescription.

By working with four temperature sensors, the temperature can be controlled throughout the process to 0.1 degree.

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